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In order to provide a full program of social care for both the Residents and Community Members, a team of volunteers provides invaluable support to CCC through:

  • providing professional services for a few hours e.g. yoga, stretch & tone exercise, hairdressing and other beauty treatments etc.

  • assisting with regular leisure activities e.g. weekly Bingo

  • conducting Craft Classes

  • singing, playing the piano, guitar and other musical instruments to entertain the Residents

If you are interested in joining our voluntary service team, please contact us at 2337 7266 or email to

We look forward to seeing you!

Community Members


CCC has over 80 Community Members who live in their own homes. The Community Members join in our regular outings and activities.


This gives the opportunity for both those in the Home and in the Community to meet and make new friends and to ease any loneliness they may experience.

Elderly persons who would like to join in, need any assistance or advice may phone us on 2337 7266 to discuss their needs and how we may be able to help.

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