Chairman's Message

We have had a very busy year at CCC, driven on by Michele’s apparently inexhaustible energy and ambition for the home. Following last year’s planning day, we commissioned a feasibility study to redevelop the site and build a first-class facility that would meet the increasing healthcare and social needs of residents into the future. With the help of Denise Kwong of Kwong and Associates this has now been completed.

I am pleased to say that the conclusion of the study is that the site could accommodate a residential home for 45 residents, of a quality and respect for privacy and personal space that we feel is appropriate for the 21st century, if some relaxation of planning guidelines can be obtained. Given the affection of all CCC residents, volunteers, staff and supporters for the location and the site, this is the option we intend to pursue. It is now merely a question of getting various Government departments onside and raising the HKD90-100m it will take to rebuild. Not to mention dealing with matters such as the temporary accommodation of residents during the project. The challenges keep coming but we are confident we are on the right path and have a solid plan for the future. One challenge that has been successfully addressed this year was to achieve 100% occupancy. We have been running below capacity for a number of years and we were beginning to wonder whether there is a continuing market for our services. Increased contact with hospitals and other recruitment efforts, led by Michele, have proved there definitely is a demand. We now have the full complement of 38 residents, with 18 on the waiting list. This has done much to confirm our view that CCC’s mission, to provide a home for the English-speaking elderly of Hong Kong, remains relevant and, indeed, desperately needed. As you will have gathered from the preceding paragraphs, the continued support of our donors is hugely important to us and likely to become more important.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and the Hong Kong Freemasons for their continuing support as well as the many other donors that are all listed in the report. To give you some idea of the range of help that is so welcome I would also like to mention our long term supporter, the Van Zuiden Trust, for ongoing support in upgrading our beds to electric-lifting ones, a real boon to residents and staff; new supporter, the Keswick Foundation for their commitment to support our physiotherapy programme for 3 years; the members of the Hong Kong Club and The Hong Kong Golf Club, who donated generously in memory of Ian MacPherson and Alan Sutcliffe respectively; Lily Lee who left us HKD500,000 in her estate; and an anonymous donation of HKD23,750,000 that, as you can imagine, has given us a great start to our building fund.

In terms of events, the old favourites continue to delight. We had a wonderful Christmas party in December, with a great turnout. Earlier in the month, we were once again grateful to the Shek O Club for hosting us at the eagerly awaited and attended CCC Golf Day.

That really is a highlight of the year for many of us. This year (2017) is a CCC Ball Year, so please mark your calendars for 6th May at the Aberdeen Marina Club. It promises to be bigger and better and even more fun than usual.

I’m afraid there were some who left us during the year. In 2016 we saw the passing of the following residents and we remember them fondly.

January 27, Deric Waters, 96

January 29, Peter Malpas, 96

April 14, Ian MacPherson, 87

May 5, Drummond Mulberry, 87

May 20, Maurice Atherton, 84

In closing I would like to thank our patron, Lady Betty Kadoorie, for her continuing and valued support. Perhaps most importantly, thank you to our wonderful staff and volunteers at CCC. It is you who make CCC such a wonderful place. If we can build on our progress this year and create a facility worthy of your skills and dedication it will be no less than you deserve.

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